About us

Budpc.com is a brand technology website. There is always a struggle when we try to find information about our favourite Android apps. The site is not limited to mobile apps.

Budpc covers your issues and any kind of glitches solutions.

The idea of Creation:

The idea is a bit long to display but it starts in back 2018. I am a geek to mobile apps and android tools.

I decided to make a website on PC apps and Andriod tools. I discussed this idea with Sohail Tami who is also a tech writer and he agreed for bud PC. Now we are creating unique content for users.

No one is perfect in any industry but we tried to cope with any gaps in previous web results. That is what our readers are influencing us to write more for them.

Future Plans:

Our plans are divided according to categories. We want to cover every PC apps with detailed information and download process. Next, we are working on a blog section for solving your problems or issues in installation.